When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts Part II of III

May 27, 2014

(Editor’s note: because of the amount of detailed information and the period of time being covered in this report we have decided to run the piece in 3 parts. It is important to note that the information contained within this Three part series details what took place between early 1999 and the filing of the false charges in 2001)

1320 1/2 E. 4th Street Pueblo Colorado April 27, 2014

1320 1/2 E. 4th Street Pueblo Colorado April 27, 2014

As I continue to walk you through time before and leading up to the false claims that I stole and forged Carmen Segura’s 1999 Tax refund checks, it is my intent to put it all out there, so that no one can say only part of the story was told. Some of this story has already been told in the book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? and the parts of this story which took place beginning in 2008 will be completely chronicled in detail in the upcoming book When One Man Stands. Since 2008 many people and groups who have no knowledge of any actual facts has used this case to present their own manufactured facts to fit their demented needs, its because of the factually false reports on this case since 2008 that I have decided to put the whole story out for the world to see. While life today is much different from what it used to be, I do not live life only to try and hide from it. The past is very much a part of what makes me who I am today and I refuse to try and hide that part of life.

We ended part I of III  with my meeting Carmen for the first time at Ramon’s birthday party in July 1999. Left is the scene of the alleged crime as it looks today (it is a far cry from the landscaped clean place I kept it).

July and August of 1999 turned out to be spent mostly cleaning up for Ramon’s mother who had gotten herself into yet even more trouble brought on by her family members who were more interested in covering their own asses than they were in doing the right thing, what ever the right thing is in the drug trade. It was in August of 1999 that after doing clean up for MaryLu (real name is Martha Alicia Enriquez, Ramon’s mother used the name Marylu Dominguez on her New Mexico DL) in North Carolina I had secured a new customer in South Carolina and began arranging to have what MaryLu and her friend could not sell themselves directed to the new customer in South Carolina. What was selling in Colorado and New Mexico for $400 to $600 was selling in South Carolina for $1800 to $2400.


What used to be Jalapeno’s looks like today at 2506 Lake Ave, Pueblo, CO

As the summer progressed Carmen, her husband Rogelio and son Joshua became more and more a part of my life and that of Ramon through visiting and eating together. We even started going to Jalapeno’s together (Right is a photo of what was Jalapeno’s looks like today at 2506 Lake Ave, Pueblo, CO.).  Because Ramon and I had been going to Mexican concerts/dances as often as they came to the Colorado State Fair grounds and since we both liked the group Los Temerarios, I had decided to make arrangements for a trip to Denver for a Los Temerarios concert scheduled Labor Day weekend.

Labor Day weekend 1999 was going to be a special one indeed for myself, Ramon and as it turned out, Juan. Ramon was a rabid Jerry Rice and San Francisco 49er’s fan and the 49er’s just happened to be playing the Denver Broncos in the last pre-season game on the 1999 season at Mile High Stadium. That same weekend one of my and Ramon’s favorite groups Los Temerarios  also happened to be in concert in Denver. I made reservations at the Adam’s Mark Hotel and had purchased tickets to the 49er/Bronco game for Ramon and Juan which took place on Friday September 3, 1999 (sadly for Ramon Denver won 34 to 3), and purchased tickets for all 3 of us for the Temerarios concert the following day Saturday September 4, 1999. We stayed the entire weekend and while the concert was memorable so was the fact that the Adam’s Mark Hotel staff had demonstrated racial profiling against Ramon and Juan when they attempted to partake in hotel services which we paid to have access to. But the Adam’s Mark is not the issue in this article.

Martha Alicia Enriquez aka MaryLu Dominguez Oct 21, 2010

Martha Alicia Enriquez aka MaryLu Dominguez Oct 21, 2010

September was spent continuing to try and clean up MaryLu’s (seen in photo from October 2010 on the left) aka Martha Alicia Enriquez, NC mess and concentrate on business that I had established in South Carolina which made up for lost business as a result of MaryLu’s problems. In fact it was my establishing that new customer base in South Carolina that kept MaryLu from losing everything she had. All this time I would continue to make drives between Pueblo and Kansas City and Albuquerque. The whole time I am looking for any Attorney to represent MaryLu’s husband who was the individual that Greensboro, NC authorities had his true name on the arrest warrant. On September 18, 1999 I had the Oscar De La Hoya/Felix Trinidad fight ordered and the event was a party with Ramon, his Aunt, Dad, Uncle Arturo and his wife and daughter, as well as Juan, and his family members Martha, Bobby, Carmen, et al… This was just one of several fights I made sure we had ordered on pay-per-view for everyone to get together and watch. Ramon was an avid Julio Ceasar Chavez fan and I was an avid Oscar de la Hoya fan. In fact I had put out a good amount of money for signed boxing gloves by Chaves and de la Hoya as well as signed fight photos for us to have. This whole time Carmen, her sister Martha Martinez and her husband Bobby Trujillo (I knew Bobby’s daughter from a previous marriage) and Martha’s oldest daughter from a previous marriage had become regulars in our social circle with their brother Juan living with me and Ramon. Bobby was hired by me to replace the large glass in the center window facing 4th Street after it was cracked when a home a block away was destroyed in a natural gas explosion. In fact it was around this time that Carmen had asked me if I could see if my landlord would rent the 1320 E. 4th Street  side of the home to her and Rogelio.

October came and with it came Juan (Carmen’s brother) getting deeper into debt to me when he borrowed money to buy a car from a Pyramid Motors auto auction which Carmen and her husband attended with Juan and was present when I was called and then drove over to the auction site on Pueblo Blvd to pay with my credit card for the car Juan had just bought. The car was a Hyundai Elantra. I even bough an old Toyota 4X4 at the auction that I ended up giving to Ramon’s Uncle Arturo.  In the end of October I made yet another trip from Pueblo to South Carolina (this trip was made with my obtaining permit to travel from my parole officer) though it would be this very trip that would also be connected to my meeting then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama (that story is told in Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? and will not be addressed her). It was before this trip that I had arranged for Carmen to rent the other side of the home and had infact gotten the owner Darrell Chapman to completely redo the bathroom I was returning from the approved travel to South Carolina when I was notified that Lee was graduating from Naval basic training in Great Lakes Illinois on November 5, 1999. I returned to Pueblo from the trip to South Carolina and not having time to turn around and drive to Illinois, I made a reservation on Delta Airlines flying from Colorado Springs Colorado to Salt Lake City with a connecting flight to Chicago O’Hare. I left on November 2, 1999 in the evening arriving in Chicago November 3, 1999. Because I had not notified my PO I had returned from South Carolina I called and left a voice message on the office answering system that I had extended my trip for another week and would be returning on November 8, 1999. Upon my return on November 8, 1999 I was taken into custody for extending my trip without authorization and was released approximately 8 days later.

Shortly after my release my childhood friend and one of my South Carolina buyers David Dukes showed at my Pueblo home with some girl he had hooked up with after his wife served him with divorce papers. David it turned out had borrowed more than $4000 from one of my SC buyers saying he was coming to Colorado to pick up some product which was not the case. I had obtained tickets to the Monday (November 22, 1999) night game between the Denver Broncos and Oakland/LA Raiders at Mile High Stadium. Juan (who had moved out of my and Ramon’s house and into the 1320 side with his sister Carmen on November 18, 1999) and Ramon both were unable to go to the game with David so a friend of mine who is one of the biggest Bronco fans to ever live agreed to go with David to the game. They got there late but as my friend Frank said, “I had a blast.” David went back home to South Carolina never telling me he had borrowed the money from one of my buyers which also happened to be a friend of his. I only found out when I made the next sales trip and because I didn’t want my childhood friend in a jam I gave the buyer credit for the money he had loaned to David.

Larry with Carmen's son Joshua at Christmas party

Larry with Carmen’s son Joshua at Christmas party

Thanksgiving 1999 my home was broken into while I and Ramon were gone for the holiday. I lost well over $16,000 in collectibles and jewelry in the breakin. As the holiday season came closer Carmen and her sister Martha were given a catering contract by a friend of mine (who managed a local Rent-to-Own store) who I asked to hire Carmen & Martha to cater the Christmas party they were planning to throw for customers The photo on the right is of me and Carmen’s son Joshua at the very Christmas party she and her sister Martha had been given the catering job at my request.

It had been more than six months since Greensboro, NC authorities had raided Ramon’s mothers house and MaryLu wanted to see what could be done about clearing her husbands name. I had found an Attorney in NC who was a former Federal Judge and had arranged to meet with him and MaryLu’s husband at the Ramada Plaza Hotel at 8105 Two Notch Rd just off the I-77  in Columbia SC (the property is now the Holiday Day Inn Hotel & Suites Columbia North). Juan was paid to travel with me and MaryLu’s husband and serve as interpreter. I had not yet become as proficient in my Spanish as I am today. The Attorney was paid a retainer and the meeting was held in the Hotel conference room. The trip was quick and while it was the start of trying to clear her husbands name, like everything else MaryLu did, she let it go and never saw the follow through as far as I know.

Juan & Carmen's niece.

Juan & Carmen’s niece.

I began decorating for Christmas and had started buying gifts for all of Ramon’s family as well as Juan, Carmen and Martha’s. The idea was to have one Christmas with Ramon and his family from Joroso, Colorado at the house in Pueblo, and then one Christmas with his sisters who were still living in their mothers home in Albuquerque and one for us with Carmen, Juan, Martha & Bobby and their kids. The photo on the right is of Juan’s niece (his sister Martha’s oldest daughter) at my home getting her drink on with a couple of her girlfriends. We had pretty much celebrate Christmas with all the different families before Christmas had even arrived and the tree which I had put so much money time and energy into was given to a family who didn’t have a tree completely decorated right out of our house. It is important to note that throughout this entire time I was giving away tens of thousands of dollars on a weekly basis and we still had what we (Ramon & I) needed to pay our bills. It was because I was able to pay our bills that I allowed Juan (Carmen’s brother) to get so far into debt to me for cell phone, rent, money to buy his car and loans.

It was during a Christmas get together in my home that Carmen’s husband Rogelio Reyes had just a little too much to drink and started making sexual advances toward me in front of Carmen and Carmen’s sister Martha. Out of respect to Carmen, I thought it would be best for me to put an end to the party and have Rogelio go back over to their side of the house and go to bed. I made the mistake in that I thought nothing of helping get Rogelio back to his house and into his bedroom. It is important to remember that the property though a duplex, there was a door that connected the two on the basement level and it was through this entrance that I with Carmen and her sister Martha following walked Rogelio back to his room. It was when I got Rogelio to his bed and let him down that he reached and started to kiss me. I saw Carmen standing looking in and I know she saw her husband kissing me and I know she also saw me pulling away and telling Rogelio that was wrong. But it seems none of that mattered because Carmen had immediately become very cold and stand offish toward me and a lot of that was the result of her sister Martha running her mouth and trying to stir up trouble between me and Carmen. A photograph was taken of Rogelio pulling the waist band of my sweat pants open looking at my butt. That photo will also be used in the defending against these knowingly false charges.

I will walk you through what took place from New Years 2000 through the filing of the alleged theft and forgery report by Carmen Segura in February 2001 in Part III of III. Part III will reveal yet even more drama and efforts by the sister of Carmen and Juan to create as much drama as possible. Including the niece pictured above on the right creating a situation between me and Ramon that resulted in Ramon breaking his arm destroying anything and everything he could put his fist through in our home on Valentines 2000. Part III will show how the alleged victim not only lied about where she says she and I were; she lied about claiming I ever took her mail to her and she failed to tell Police or the DA that in June 2000 her husband, brother and brother-in-law entered the Colorado City home of Jorge Diaz threatened him and then robbed the residence of all property belonging to me (I was residing in Colorado City after giving up the East 4th Street home.)

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Case Update:

I retained counsel in Pueblo Colorado and appeared with Counsel in Court Monday April 28, 2014. The matter was continued to June 9, 2014 and counsel has asked the Pueblo District Attorney to turn over all discovery in the case. As of Friday May 23, 2014 the District Attorney’s office had not yet turned over discovery in the case, but by law, has until May 28, 2014 (30 days) to do so. In the meantime I will continue to obtain copies of documents from agencies that will support my case and poke holes in statements that have been made in this case. I want to remind everyone of something I made crystal clear in the summer of 2008 when I was accused in Delaware of something that the Attorney Generals Office had already determined was not a crime but they chose to allege it was for political purposes, I will never plead guilty to something I know I did not do, just as in my entire lifetime I have never challenged anything I knew I was guilty of doing.

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