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Friday December 21, 2012 was the last broadcast of Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair on the Rense Radio Network. Larry would like to Thank each and every person who allowed him to come into your home and life five nights a week for the past nine plus months. In addition Larry Thanks Jeff Rense of Rense Radio Network and the professionals at Global Star Communications who are truly the best group of people anyone could have the privilege to work with.

Sinclair News will be turning each of the past Through the Mirror programs into video formats and will upload all of them to Sinclair News YouTube page. The program archives will also continue to be available for download and listen on demand at Rense Radio Media Archives as well.

Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair To End Dec 21, 2012


Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair has expanded to two hours Monday thru Friday from 6:00PM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time beginning Monday July 30, 2012. In support of our time expansion we want to keep Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair a “tell it like it is” Radio program beholden to no one. In addition to airing live Monday thru Friday on the Rense Radio Network Through the Mirror is also re-broadcast on Common Sense Radio the following day three different times. You can have “Lunch with Larry” on Common Sense Radio every day at 1:00 PM Easter Time.

In our efforts to bring our listeners and readers the news and opinion in a bold fresh and un-coated/non-spin manner we encourage you to become an annual subscriber to Through the Mirror @ $24.00 per year. We are looking for 500 annual subscribers @ $24 per year (that’s just $2.00 per month) and we hope you will become a subscriber today. Click the image below and become a subscriber today and help support a no-spin tell it like it is radio program. In the words of Michael Savage: Freedom of Speech requires advertising or supporters to keep Free Speech on the Air.

Become A Subscriber Today

Sinclair News and the Rense Radio Network are proud to announce the March 12, 2012 launch of the Monday-Friday Larry Sinclair talk radio show ‘Through The Mirror’ on  Join Larry Monday thru Friday from 6-8 PM ET, 5-7 PM CT, 4-6 PM MT and 3-5 PT. When the show takes callers the call in number is 1-877-342-6673

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the guests, callers and hosts on Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair are those of said guests, callers & hosts. The views and opinions expressed on Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair do not necessarily reflect or agree with those of the Rense Radio Network, its commercial sponsors, its radio station affiliates, or internet broadcast platforms. In these controversial times, we believe the first amendment and freedom of the press are absolutely essential to the survival of our nation.

Join Larry for the National/International debut of “Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair” Monday March 12, 2012 from 7-8 PM Eastern time on the Rense Radio Network. Broadcasting live Monday thru Friday from Daytona Beach, Florida.

Sinclair News and the Rense Radio Network are proud to announce the March 12, 2012 launch of the Monday-Friday Larry Sinclair talk radio show ‘Through The Mirror’ on  The live show will be heard from 7-8pm Eastern, 4-5pm Pacific and offer a truly new and unique look at  American politics and its top newsmakers.  Through The Mirror with Larry Sinclair will be distributed nationally on the internet and via satellite, and internationally online.  The launch of Sinclair’s show brings with it the opportunity to provide new, fresh, unabashed coverage and journalistic commentary on the 2012 elections as well as news and opinion in a style not currently found anywhere on talk radio.  Call-ins and interviews with top political figures will add a special dimension to this eclectic new program and its controversial host, Larry Sinclair.

Advertising inquiries are already being received and all interested agents, brokers and companies are being directed to

Join Larry, Monday, March 12, 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern at!

Contact Through The Mirror at

Our past Shows are available 24 Hours a day, Seven Days a week from our Archives HERE


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