The RANT of GLENN: Unlawful spending and the deadly “fiscal cliff”

October 20, 2013

[The returning B-17 approaches the White Cliffs of Dover all shot up by the enemy. The crew pries valuable equipment loose and drops it into the Channel so the one remaining engine can fly them over the top instead of smashing into the cliff. Bomb racks. Cans of gas. Machine guns. Ammo. Radios.]

Our Beloved Leader has threatened us with “economic chaos, catastrophe and a disaster like a nuclear bomb” — if Congress doesn’t raise the debt limit and fund his pet project.

Think: The Constitution only authorizes expenditures on a couple dozen specific projects.

Army. Navy. Post offices and Post roads. Patent office. There are more, but the list is short and specific. It includes paying the debts of the United States. It does not authorize “social programs”.

The money the Treasury takes in every month is enough to take care of all of the Constitutional expenses of the United States, even including the millions of dollars an hour interest on the debt.

Dear Congress: Stop spending money on unlawful, unconstitutional and unauthorized programs and you can immediately start paying down the debt. America can be debt-free in a single generation.

You cannot accomplish anything by chipping around the edges and taking off a little here and a little there, because the monster is growing faster than you can hack away at it.

You have to “go the other way around the mulberry bush:” Do not even look at requisitions for money unless they come to you with the very words of the Constitution that authorize the expense – along with the Article, Section and Clause containing those words. This is very important. All else is unlawful.

A Clean Budget is one that only includes Lawful, Constitutional, authorized items. No pork. No earmarks. No special deals for special people. No gifts to foreign governments. No vote-buying.

NOTICE: Neither one of the “General Welfare” clauses nor the “Necessary and Proper” clause allows expenditures for programs not otherwise authorized in the Constitution. They are not blank checks.

NOTICE: The “Interstate Commerce” clause authorizes Congress to regulate actual selling across State lines, but not to dictate every aspect of every business which has interstate sales.

The danger is not a mere “train wreck,” but a disastrous “plane wreck” — crashing with the loss of all passengers and crew at full speed against the high fiscal cliff that has been built up over the years.

This is America’s desperate situation. Congress is our flight crew. We are approaching the deadly fiscal cliff. Drop the extra load. We cannot fly over the mountains with useless weight.

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