The RANT of GLENN: The forced-union-dues swindle

November 13, 2013

About a lifetime ago the Congress decided that it would be far, far better if every working man were a member of a labor union. In fact, they passed a law that unions could force everyone to join-up and pay-up. But, they relented a little bit and left it that any State could opt out of this compulsory arrangement.

Since that time, the history of labor unions in America have been tarnished with the use of force – even including deadly force – to get recalcitrant workers to join the various unions.

In my childhood, my father worked as a non-union carpenter in Phoenix. Some unknown union goons tricked up a loose board for him. He fell off a roof on his head and broke his neck and an arm. After months, he went back to work. This time the arranged accident broke his neck again, and his other arm.

Whatever good things the unions may do for workers is overshadowed and tarnished by this Genghis Khan approach to increase membership.

Union membership is at a low ebb. The great majority of wage-earners do not choose to have a percentage of their pay raked off for union political projects.

By this time almost half the States have opted out of compulsory union membership.

Our Beloved Leader has nominated some radical adherents of the forced-union-dues philosophy to the National Labor Relations Board – supposedly a neutral outfit. His toadies in the Senate have handed these sensitive jobs over to the fiercest, most partisan, most prejudiced men known to labor history.

Being a union member may sound like a great deal to a worker. It usually involves higher pay. But it also involves handing over a sizable chunk of that pay to the union bosses – who, Surprise! use a lot of it to elect candidates who then, Surprise! support policies that force more workers to join unions.

One of their goals is to force a couple dozen States back in to the compulsory union membership arrangement.

You who support that kind of thing no doubt cannot see anything wrong with taking a cut of every worker’s wages to support that sort of candidates.

Perhaps you could see the point if, say, some church were to demand that government collect tithing from every family in the nation and hand it over to that church. (It was exactly that sort of thing that got so many French people to support the French Revolution and the resulting Reign of Terror.)

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