The RANT of GLENN: How should Congress spend our money?

October 4, 2013

a-look-at-the-budgetThe Senate put funding of “The Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act” back into the Continuing Resolution and dropped it in the lap of the House of Representatives. Government is at a standstill.

Oh, Representatives! Don’t pass it! It will certainly bankrupt millions of American families.

ObamaCare might not mean the immediate end of the American Republic, but it is likely to put it at such a disadvantage it will never recover. (I suspect that is what its authors and sponsors intend.)

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Actually, this gives the House a wonderful opportunity: Assemble a a real, no-kidding, actual budget.

(Nobody ever said that only the President can write a budget.)

Call for immediate requests for appropriations from the untold thousands of federal agencies.

Throw out any request that does not cite Constitutional “chapter and verse” to authorize it.

Ignore those that claim authorization by way of “The Necessary and Proper” clause.

Don’t even look at any demand based on either of the “General Welfare” clauses.

Reject those that cite the lawful-but-much-abused “Interstate Commerce” clause.

Throw out any request that does not clearly follow from its supposed Constitutional authority.

That will get rid of nine tenths of them. (Let those who want to spend it prove they’re authorized.)

Then, after that preliminary screening, consider each remaining request to see if it is a wise use of our money, and if we can afford it. Throw out unwise requests. Pare down the merely extravagant ones.

Drop it in the Senators’ laps! Tell ’em they can either pass it or shut down the government themselves and take the blame before the whole nation. Tell the Prez to sign it or resign in disgrace.

You can do it in a matter of days. The Constitution only lists a couple dozen “powers”.

You can streamline it even more by putting the word out that any person requesting an unconstitutional appropriation will be personally and individually prosecuted for Attempted Fraud against the Treasury.

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