The RANT of GLENN: Bring back good government

October 1, 2013

It’s too late to bring back the beneficent monarchies of old, if there ever were any. We wouldn’t even know where to start. Nowadays, kings are only good for comic relief in fairy tales.

It’s too late to bring back the old Biblical theocracy. Most people don’t believe in God now, and those who do are more likely to kill each other over the details than to be governed by apostles and prophets.

It may even be too late to resurrect the American Republic. Three generations of us have been told in school that we have a “democracy” and that whatever we vote is right – or rather, that we actually create right by our votes. We have been made to believe that rather than work for a living, we can just vote prosperity into existence for everyone.

[There is a precise difference between a republic and a democracy: The government of a republic is required to obey Law. A democracy may do anything for which it can muster the votes.]

The old Fascist movement in Italy was a desperate effort to bring back “the glory that was Rome”. The present Fascist movement in America is a desperate effort to bring back the American Republic.

We are told that “we cannot turn back the clock”. This is necessarily true. “Liberals,” Progressives, Socialists and Communists all tell us that “we must go forward into the future,” but their program is more like blindly backing up into a horrifying dystopian totalitarian nightmare.

Here is my secret plan for bringing back good government: Preach. As Saint Paul exhorted young Timothy, Preach in season and out of season. And what shall we preach? Preach about your G-d; Jesus / Allah / El Shadai / the LORD / the Creator / Elohim / the Savior / the Lawgiver / the Redeemer. You who are atheists, preach ethics and common decency without invoking any deity.

Preach obedience to the Law that your G-d has given. Or those laws you like best, anyway.

There is a sort of “critical mass” at which the preaching of G-d and His Law result in good behavior and good society and good government. It is that point at which enough people believe in treating others as they would like to be treated – and at which a beneficial sort of peer-pressure sets in.

Imagine to yourself a future in which Mormons and Catholics, Christians, Jews and Muslims, atheists and priests, Black, Brown and White, Communists and capitalists are able to deal with one another in the context of the famed MLK speech about being judged by the content of our characters.

There is no possible political “fix”. There is no leader who can undo the damage. There is no secret society that can bring to pass good government. It is a do-it-yourself proposition: Preach.

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