The new normal

February 9, 2014

The pattern of organizational leadership in Washington is producing a new breed of organizational leaders. These new leaders are liberal nonconformists who are intolerant of conservative conformists. They have set themselves up in strategic positions of power whereby there is safety in numbers, and these numbers place them above the law. Their patterns of interest are such that they feel they can steal taxpayer monies and change or circumvent our nation’s laws with impunity…and they do. There is no accountability, no consequences, no explanations, and no answers. This is becoming the new normal.

Socialism1When the federal government takes money without consent from people who work and give it to others who do not, that is economic slavery. When the government runs roughshod over individuals for the greater good, that is wrong and no rhetoric about doing what’s best for the greater good will make it right. When the rights of the individual cease to exist in favor of the greater good, then the individual, in being right, becomes a majority of one. The less dependent one is on the government, the more freedom one has. Politicians are not free people. They are owned by the institutions and interest groups who put them where they are, not the people who elected them. And since they cannot be free, they don’t want anyone else to be either.

To further Leftist agendas, communists, socialists, and progressives will apply a “do as I say, not as I do” double standard against conservatives. Now that their power is eroding, and America should watch for Democrats to stay in power “by any means necessary,” as advocated by Malcolm X. Legal or not.

At our nation’s inception, all people in this country who paid taxes were allowed to vote. These voting rights were written into several of the former colonies’ State Constitutions. However, serfs (black and white) and slaves (black and white) did not have the right to vote. The influence of Karl Marx and communism reached our shores from Europe, and despite the fact that whites, blacks, men, and women, all taxpayers had the right to vote, the Federalists did not agree with the way that women and blacks were voting. Fearing mob rule, the Federalists (the forerunners of the Democratic Party), in retaliation, and by any means necessary, legislatively took away these voting rights. It took Republicans 70 years to restore the voting rights of blacks and more than 120 years to reinstate the vote for women. By any means necessary.

Americans want what they want when they want it. In this electronic age of text messages and email, Americans have grown accustomed to getting what they want instantly, whether they have the money to pay for it or not. The United States government is one of the biggest instigators in the conflict between the haves and the have nots. The current administration wants the American people to experience income equality; however, they want them to be satisfied on crumbs that fall from richer tables.

Why do we spend so much money that we don’t have? Basically, it’s because we get hooked into attractive monthly installments instead of the actual cost. The federal government is no different. Government officials don’t care how high the nation’s debt rises because all they are paying is the interest, just for the privilege of breathing. Americans are the same way in this economic downturn. Many are making minimum payments on credit cards, which cover the interest and very little, if any, goes toward the principal to pay down the debt.

With rising taxes, this is grossly unfair to people who are fortunate to have jobs these days. Those who work are taxed even more to pay for those who don’t or won’t. When taxes are raised on the corporate rich so that they will pay what the liberals feel would be their fair share, all they’re going to do is to raise prices on goods and services and make their customers pay the tax increase.

How is this fair? It’s not fair to the middle class who’s taking the biggest hits of all. Those riding the welfare train feel that it’s society’s place (meaning the taxpayers) to feed and clothe and provide housing for their children. How did they come to feel this way? Who said it is one person’s obligation to provide for the children of another?

Liberals say that it’s the “right thing to do.”  According to whom? While invoking a moral imperative, using children to press the guilt buttons of successful people, they ban God from any and all public functions. So which is it? Taking care of others might be the Christian thing to do, but the Left can’t have it both ways.

There is no fairness here. The wasteful spending in Washington, as well as the Obama vacations, could provide salaries for so many people; the people who won’t accept welfare as a way of life, and the ones who work at whatever they can find to Krazy-glue their days, weeks, and months together while waiting for the economy to improve. And the stark news . . . it won’t.

Politicians spend their days creating legislation, from which they exempt themselves, for us to follow and to become even more economically enslaved to the voracious appetite of the federal government. No fairness here. It’s no wonder that the IRS brings the hammer down on taxpayers who cannot afford the high taxes so that more can be collected for high-dollar government programs. Now, the leftist elite are telling Americans that it is en vogue to cut back on their working hours or quit their jobs so they will have the time to pursue their hobbies or their dreams. And pay for it with what? So where is our country’s basic sense of fairness? Keep ’em poor; keep ’em dependent; keep ’em voting Democratic.

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