President Obama, America’s Premier Fascist Organizer

June 1, 2013

The Holy Grail for America’s white plutocratic gentry would be to drive a stake in the heart of as many social programs as possible on the watch of President Obama while rubbing Obama’s incompetence and betrayal of his election vows in the face of the black underclass who cares more about their trophy President than the future of their standard of living.  One can only imagine the euphoria and chaotic high-fiving that will commence once a lethal harpoon (huge benefit cuts) is thrust into these programs covered with President Obama’s finger prints.

The nation’s poverty rate is the highest since the 1950s despite the fact that the nation’s household wealth has increased at a parabolic rate (4 times faster than the deficit) to $65 trillion since 1980.  After four and one half years of recusing himself from engaging in meaningful economic reform that would require reigning in the Federal Reserve banking system, Wall Street, the tax avoidance syndicate and America’s largest parasitic corporations, America’s black trophy President is instead peddling cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Veteran’s benefits on the street corners of the Capitol.

Every time President Obama has dangled cuts to entitlement programs in front of the white gentry Republicans, he has been rebuffed as they ride this bumbling and cowardly President for a “grand kill” of America’s governmental social support structure rather than a “grand bargain”.  Gawking Republicans are laughing their heads off at his betrayal of the trust of those who voted for him and of his fiduciary responsibility as safe keeper of the nation’s Trust Funds while they attempt to steal the trillions of dollars borrowed from and thus owed these anti-poverty programs by the General Fund of the Treasury.

President Obama’s improbable self made story where he quickly ascended from a community organizer to a Harvard education, to a one-term Senator from Illinois and then to the Presidency can only be compared to a family business fast tracking their clan into the management of the business.

During Obama’s rise from obscurity to a Presidential hack serving corporate America, the entire list of Obama’s questionable qualifications and spinning moral compass were easily diffused and suffocated by an institutionalized damage control system.  It is obvious that Barack Obama did not open all of the gigantic doors he walked through on his quest to become the President of the United States.  Those doors were opened for him by a political syndicate which apparently has tentacles that reach deep into the power centers of our government.

Looking back to the 1980 Presidential election, we now know that the CIA extended the Iranian hostage situation for the sole purpose of trying help Ronald Reagan defeat President Carter.  Similarly, when looking back on the 2008 Presidential election, we can now surmise that Barack Obama’s rise from a community organizer to America’s premier fascist organizer was also a manipulated progression by a sinister syndicate operating in the background of our perceived democracy.

Below are a few examples of the exploitation and racketeering taking place in our economy against millions of Americans by our government/corporate partnership which are condoned by President Obama.

Under the Obama administration, the Treasury Department remains a captive government agency managed by Wall Street.  Both Treasury Secretary appointees are Wall Street cronies previously embroiled in either a tax cheating scandal or a financial scandal involving student loans.

In one of the most egregious and despicable acts against the nation, President Obama has refused to rescind the perversion of the nation’s bankruptcy laws in 2005 by Republicans that placed derivative losses in front of all other financial claims.

Wall Street has used this law to place a pre-emptive lien against your personal financial assets so that you will pay for their multi-trillion dollar gambling losses hidden by accounting gimmicks which are phony and are not even real money.

In addition, the Obama administration along with the senior Democratic leadership has just paved the way for Monsanto to further control and contaminate the nation’s natural food supply by striking down the authority of states to require the labeling of genetically modified (GMO) tainted foods.  Previously, Congress passed and President Obama signed into law H.R. 933 to protect Monsanto from any liabilities associated with the possible ill effects from consuming GMO foods.

A career world bank attorney/whistleblower has just outed the Federal Reserve as a global mafia that has corrupted world governments in order to game the world economy for the benefit of the private owners of the central bank system.

President Obama has helped foster the cover up of trillions of dollars of financial crimes by the Federal Reserve banking system.  His allegiance to protect the Federal Reserve from criticism and scrutiny over bank bailouts was unmasked in the Homeland Security and FBI agencies’ operation to quell the Occupy Wall Street movement using unprecedented Federally coordinated police actions.

Finally, Obama’s feigned ineptness as a bumbling budget negotiator-in-chief is designed to disguise his role in stealthily positioning America’s social programs for large benefit cuts in service to his plutocratic handlers.  President Obama’s ill fated sequester strategy coupled with his repetitive squandering of his budget negotiating leverage in every budget cycle has left America’s anti-poverty and social programs stranded in the budget killing fields for the Republican wealth supremacists to feast upon.  You can expect the population living under bridges to explode over the course of the next decade.

In the face of Obama’s historical election and his performance representing the average American, we have discovered a mismatch of Presidential character, vision and capability needed for the times.  Unfortunately for the lower wage working class, America’s unconscionable President is not seeking any meaningful economic reforms in return for dismantling the nation’s social programs.  Nor is he using his bully pulpit to focus Americans on the primary causes of the average American’s declining standard of living which is the unbridled power of corporations to price gouge the public and export jobs overseas while the spoils flow into tax avoidance schemes.

“These are the times that try men’s souls” – Thomas Paine.  These desperate times under plutocratic rule call for a leader capable of using his bully pulpit to shame the wealth supremacists and to challenge the political favoritism awarded to corporations including the control over our government agencies in exchange for campaign contributions.

Instead, we have been force fed carefully chosen candidates by both political parties whose ultimate allegiance is to enrich and protect the domain of the plutocrats against all threats that might alter the course of their artificial wealth and tax avoidance hegemony on the American economy.  It is past time we collectively shame everyone in Washington. is dedicated to helping the average American understand the class warfare being wage against them by the Federal Reserve, corporations and their own government.

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