Obamacare – A Left Turn Deeper into the Corporate Run Government Abyss

December 8, 2013

Obamacare is a “scab-on” healthcare program.  Scabbing is a term used by roofing companies and repair contractors when rebuilding the rotted eaves and fascia boards on a house.  It means to attach new building material to existing materials as a means to avoid replacing the entire structure.

In the context of healthcare reform, Obamacare has been scabbed on to a healthcare insurance system that is a gigantic parasite sucking wealth out of the nation’s organic economy and working class pocketbooks while operating under the protection of our political system.  A colonoscopy costing $7,000 in America costs less than $1,000 in most industrialized countries.  Why is the cost of an x-ray which has been around since the late 1800s inflated in America’s healthcare system by three to ten times its actual cost?

Our government has even banned itself from seeking volume discounts on its purchases of drugs for Medicare.  For example, in the year 2012, the average cost of the drug Lipitor in America was $124 versus $13 in Spain.  The list of artificially inflated healthcare treatments is endless because our government has institutionalized a price protection racket that blankets almost every product and service in the healthcare industry.  For more insight, refer to http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/25-shocking-facts-that-prove-that-the-entire-u-s-health-care-industry-has-become-one-giant-money-making-scam

Our healthcare system, like all other major industries, has become a politically protected racket because our politicians since the 1980s have allowed the buyout and consolidation of the healthcare system’s infrastructure by large corporations.  Using campaign contributions and other nefarious means to protect corporate investments, corporate lobbyists drive the political corruption that seeks to create unearned, untaxed profits and wealth for their stockholders who are clients of Wall Street.

As a result, healthcare premiums have been rising faster than the Consumer Price Index in an unsustainable long term trend.  Over the past decade, premium increases have ratcheted up an average of 9%+ per year and that does not even include the rising costs of out of pocket medical expenses linked to rising policy deductibles, cost sharing provisions embedded in healthcare plans and gaps in coverage.

In other words, even before Obamacare, the healthcare industry had already devolved into a massive government protected financial black hole destroying the standard of living of millions of Americans in order to create unearned profits for the healthcare industry and its investors.

Prior to Obamacare, physicians had begun to detach themselves from the “permission slip” health insurance model and into a “direct-pay” model squeezing out the health insurance middlemen.  The “direct-pay” model, when linked to independent Health Savings and Flexible Spending accounts, has the potential to drive down many medical costs by 30%+.  It is estimated that 10% of healthcare transactions have already migrated to the “direct-pay” model.

The uninsured cash payer driving the growth of the “direct-pay” model has been left stranded under Obamacare.  Another deliberate omission from Obamacare is healthcare price transparency regulations which would help close the price gap between what insurers and cash payers actually pay for healthcare services.

President Obama even cut the legs out from under Health Savings and Flexible Spending accounts by adding new restrictions and reducing the allowance maximums, thus, suffocating what little independent healthcare spending that existed outside the boundaries of the healthcare insurance industry’s “permission slip” healthcare policies.

When given this historic opportunity to use the healthcare crisis to re-engineer the healthcare delivery system in order to free Americans from one of America’s biggest financial parasites, President Obama fell on his sword to protect the profits of the health insurance industry just as he is obligated to do for Wall Street, the world’s largest financial parasite.

As Steward-in-Chief for America’s corporate run government, President Obama chose to lock Americans structurally into the most costly and least efficient health insurance system of any major industrialized country.  President Obama’s healthcare insurance mandate will direct the potential for hundreds of billions of savings from technological advances now in the healthcare pipeline onto the balance sheets of the healthcare insurance industry whose stakeholders control 90% of America’s financial wealth rather than the pocketbooks of Americans.

The primary building block of Obamacare is the creation of a healthcare insurance exchange system that healthcare lobbyists have effectively suppressed for decades in order to protect profit margins.  The health insurance industry’s change of heart is a reflection of the Faustian bargain they struck with President Obama in order to support Obamacare.  The profits of the healthcare insurance industry are surreptitiously guaranteed under the Obamacare mandate which requires underemployed young people struggling to pay off student loan debt to over insure themselves for grossly overpriced healthcare services under threat of government financial retribution.

Layered on the exchange pricing structure offered by healthcare insurers is a government sponsored subsidy system whose purpose is to make the exchange based premiums more affordable to lower income individuals and families.  This second Obamacare building block is financed by of a hodge podge of 21 different taxes and fees.  It is not a stable or even a sustainable funding mechanism that can reliably support policy subsidies for 10s of millions of additional people being driven into the health insurance system.

In a desperate attempt to have you swallow Obamacare lock, stock and barrel, Democrats spin the benefits to people on the front end of Obamacare who are beneficiaries of this highly unstable subsidy system.  Eventually, this highly vulnerable financial circuitry will short circuit and create resource outages.  A potential collapse of the healthcare delivery system would require either policyholders or taxpayers to pump even more unaffordable revenues to the “too big to fail” health insurance industry.

Any way you slice Obamacare, it is a blatant abuse of government power in an attempt to herd every American into the clutches of the parasitic health insurance industry under the threat of financial coercion.

Even though Obamacare is heralded for addressing several inequities in the current healthcare system such as the elimination of coverage discrimination based on pre-existing conditions and gender, if you look beneath the surface of the bill, President Obama has taken a chapter out of Representative Paul Ryan’s playbook on Medicare to voucherize the healthcare system.

President Obama stealthily exploited the healthcare crisis in Rahm Emanuel style by structuring Obamacare upon the foundation of a rigged exchange system which is a back door that corporations can walk through to cap rising healthcare costs.  The front door of Obamacare, where you enter, is designed to protect the profits of the healthcare insurance industry in this transition.  President Obama’s healthcare reform does nothing to deflate the cost gouging practices and inefficiencies structurally built into the healthcare system by political favor.

The newly created exchange system coupled with employer vouchers/allowances will lead to the rationing of healthcare treatments based on the value of said voucher/allowance and the ability of an individual to pay out of pocket medical costs which are already soaring.

Out of the gate, over 5 million people have lost their current low cost insurance coverage.  IBM along with other large corporations have announced plans to cap their retirement healthcare costs with allowances/vouchers and force their 110,000 retired employees to fend for themselves on the healthcare insurance exchanges.  Over 60% of the businesses surveyed claim that they plan to use the exchanges as a means to manage their healthcare costs more effectively.  Another forecast by Tea Party Economist Gary North projects over 80 million Americans will eventually lose their health plan coverage under Obamacare.

Your medical bills represent the perfect example of the fascism that permeates our economy and controls our government.  Each and every charge is an out of control, jacked up and often unnecessary expense shielded by political protection from real market forces.

Against the background of double digit unemployment/underemployment rates, stagnate or declining wages and another devastating job destroying trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, on the horizon, the average American is being forced to pay an ever growing portion of overpriced and inefficient healthcare costs out of pocket. It is estimated that the average American family overpays corporations more than $6,000 per year due to the corruption of government by lobbyists in order to create unearned corporate profits.  After Obamacare is fully seeded expect this statistic to increase significantly once 30 to 40 million additional people are added to the health insurance industry’s rolls.  For more insight, refer to: http://www.commondreams.org/view/2013/09/23.

Once you fully dissect the benefits versus the costs of Obamacare, it is projected to become the largest corporate wealth grab taken from the working class in American history.  Fully unleashed, we are going to find ourselves milked by another “too big to fail” health insurance industry   competing with the already “too big to fail” financial industry to suck the life out of what is left of the working class standard of living.

Read more about “Tax Equality as America’s Next Civil Rights Movement” at www.solonsays.com.

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