Normalcy bias

April 13, 2014

HarryReid1During the past week, the Nevada land grab drama has played out and the citizens have prevailed. When news of Harry Reid’s deal with the Chinese for a solar wind farm was made known, the Feds found themselves in a precarious position. This was fast becoming a scandal on top of other scandals. It makes you wonder why Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama have been so cozy with the Chinese.

US Military Used Against Bundy

US Military Used Against Bundy

However, it boggles the mind as to how many people were not even aware that this was happening. The fact that the entire country was on the precipice of hearing the next “shot heard ’round the world,” many could not fathom this event happening. “It could never happen in this country,” many say. But, that is just not the case. It was not a matter of if the blood bath would happen, but when. These people who deny what to many seems to be inevitable, are experiencing normalcy bias. Some call it complacency. Either way, it does not turn out well for the citizen in the end.

The way a corrupt government subjugates its people is to hit them hard and fast with a plethora of outlandish rules, regulations, laws, and restrictions. When the Internal Revenue Service holds its boot on the necks of American taxpayers, they are too busy defending themselves to guard against the other Constitutional opprobrium.

The Left will create divisive problems where none exist, e.g. war on women; voter restrictions; or income inequality. There is no war on women. Any woman can aspire to whatever she wants and no one in this country can stop her. Anyone who is a legal citizen can vote; no one can stop them. There will never be equality in income in America because some Americans work harder than others to achieve their goals. If any problem needs to be addressed, it’s adjusting the opportunity inequality in America.

Liberals and progressives have convinced people that they should do whatever the federal government says and should not think for themselves. Let the federal government take care of it. This smacks of my father saying, “Don’t do as I do; do as I say.” I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now.

How long will this normalcy bias continue? Corrupt politicians in Washington, as well as at the state level, think up and pass rules and regulations that diminish or remove Constitutional rights from their citizenry. The American people are being subjugated and some are not even aware of it. They are complacent because “it could never happen in America.”

When will they believe it? Perhaps when the federal government turns its (not our) military might on them. If people are afraid to speak out against the federal government for fear of reprisals, maybe we need a new government…or the one our Founding Fathers gave us.

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