“Lets Keep this Fair” Inspired by Phyllis Rider of Camden SC

June 22, 2014

The face of Shame: Sharon Hill Rider

The following article is inspired by Phyllis Rider (Young) of Camden, South Carolina the daughter of two bit tramp and whore (my opinion) Sharon Rider of 27 Simmons Dr., Camden SC 803-425-5138 who started screwing my dad Hubert Sinclair while both were married. Sharon Rider (right trying to hide her face from the camera) aka Sharon Hill Rider, was not only married, her husband was lying in their bed at home dying of cancer while Sharon was screwing my dad.

Lawrence Hubert Sinclair

Lawrence Hubert Sinclair

This story begins when my father Lawrence Hubert Sinclair died on December 31, 1996 at his home at 27 Simmons Drive Camden, SC. I was still in the custody of the Colorado Department of Corrections and though a cousin tried with all his might to get me there for my Dad’s funeral it just was not meant to be.  Almost as soon as my father died some in my family began to show for the first time the two faced behind the back shit talking that they had engaged in for years but never had the guts to say to my face or in front of my fathers face. I had questions about my fathers death and I was not going to sit back and take the word of people who had spent their entire lives lying and presenting things in the best possible light to make them look good to their friends and neighbors.

In 1997 I filed in the Kershaw County South Carolina Probate Court challenges to the probate of my fathers estate because that was the only way I was ever going to get some of my questions answered. Probate Judge Harriet S. Pierce granted my request to put the matter on hold until a hearing could be held with me present.  That did not sit well with my younger sister Kim Sinclair Ray Watts Hinson or my uncle (my dads brother) James (Jim) Sinclair. In Nov 1997 I was paroled from the Colorado Department of Corrections and a hearing had been set in my fathers probate case for June 1998. I traveled from Pueblo Colorado for the hearings which had in attendance Sharon Hill Rider; my grandmother Agnes S. Sinclair, my younger sister Kim Sinclair Ray Watts Hinson; James Sinclair (Jim) my fathers brother as well as my sisters husband and I believe a member of Rider’s family and was before the honorable Judge Harriet S. Pierce (who still by the way is the presiding Probate Judge in Kershaw County). Considering that my dads brother Jim and his wife Brenda had let it be known that Sharon had told them just six months before my father got sick that she wanted out of the relationship but she would not leave because she “would not leave with nothing,” you bet I had questions about the circumstances of his death. Brenda will most likely swear today she and Jim never told anyone that but they did and in a way I believe that is why Brenda has been so close to Sharon all these years later.

The hearing was not too pleasant for those in attendance (the case is part of public record and the transcripts may be obtained by anyone wishing to obtain them) and I made my concerns known and part of the record as they pertained to my fathers death, the claims that Rider and my sister had waited almost two months after my father had been unable to go to work and get out of bed before they thought to take him to a doctor; as well as some newly discovered claims that my fathers brother Jim had come to Camden for the hearing (which had nothing at all to do with him) and had told Delma Dukes a friend of mine and neighbor to my Grandmother “I came down to protect my mom, let me know if you see Larry around because he has sent letters threatening to kill my mother and I am going to shoot his ass if he comes on the property” though Jim and my Grandmother at the hearing denied Jim ever made such a statement, knowing my uncle (and all the lies he, Kim and Brenda told and kept going for years)  and knowing Delma, I would take Delma’s word over Jim Sinclairs in a heartbeat. Jim, Kim and Brenda had spent years spreading lies and keeping family hating one side or the other. It was from the death of my father to the probate hearing that Kim, Rider and even my dads brother Jim started making statements openly claiming I was not my fathers child, and that “sorry faggot is not a part of this family” and more. But none of those words coming from these people would ever hurt me, I spent my like ignoring the things that Jim Sinclair said and as for Sharon Hill Rider, I just took into account who was saying it, I have never hidden the fact I am a faggot, but at least I have never been a two bit tramp; slut; or whore. After I had left Camden at the conclusion of the hearing I received a phone call from my friend David Dukes, my mother and the Kershaw County Sheriffs Office informing me Sharon Hill Rider has made a report accusing my of killing her dog. A dog that many said they never saw or knew she had and despite the fact I never stepped a foot on the property which belonged to my father.

The hearing got heated and a confrontation between me and my uncle Jim took place. For years Jim had gone around bragging every chance he got about how he kicked by dad’s ass in a fight. I had had enough of Jim and told him in front of the judge on the record, that he and I could take it outside and deal with it once and for all. I made a point to make sure Jim knew, “I am not my dad, and it will not be me they have to pick up off the asphalt.” Jim did not feel lucky on that day and in fact he along with my sister and Sharon asked Judge Pierce to have me leave the Courthouse before they were escorted out of the Courtroom.

Shortly after my fathers death and my filing papers in my dads probate case, his brother  Jim Sinclair saw the perfect opportunity for him to get his greedy little hands and what my grandfather and grandmother had worked their whole lives to have. Jim (though dead now) and his wife Brenda Sinclair of Fayetteville, NC knew just like I and a few others in the family did, that my grandmother had prepared her will in a way that upon her death everything left in the land and house would go only to her surviving children and would not be distributed to any of her grandchildren or in-laws (spouses of her children) until there was only a single surviving child. The grandkids would each get the sum of $1.00 and the property, house ets would be shared by surviving children. Upon the death of a child, any portion of her estate that was shared would revert back to the remaining surviving children. It could not be left to a child or spouse. Jim never did like that and with me filing challenges to get answers in my dad’s probate case Jim saw his golden opportunity and he took it. After convincing my grandmother that I would challenge her will and make the family have to spend to defend against my challenges if she waited until her death to transfer the property, Jim managed to get my grandmother to transfer all the property into his and my Aunt Faye’s name. It didn’t make any difference to Jim that I had never intended to do any such thing and that other than a brief interest in buying a small piece of property if my grandmother was to sell it I never wanted, expected and had any interest of getting anything that belonged to her. But none the less Jim had found a way to get my grandmother to essentially make her Will invalid as to the property remaining only in the hands of her surviving children until only one remained.

Jim had also managed to cause me and my grandmother to become estranged for a period of years but both she and I made amends with each other, we agreed that we would not always agree on things but that did not mean we could not enjoy and respect each other. Sadly for Jim he didn’t live long enough to see his handy work fall apart.

I thought that maybe things had changed over the years and that with the recent passing of my Grandmother maybe the family in Camden and NC would find a way to put all the back stabbing and spreading of lies and attacking of others behind them. I was wrong (which isn’t very often) and that became clear the day before Fathers Day.

larrys dadOn Saturday June 14, 2014 my younger sister Kim changed her FaceBook profile picture to a photo of my father with Sharon Rider sitting to his left (see photo on the right). I being the blunt and direct person that I am posted that I love the picture of my father but I despise the woman sitting next to him. That brought about my sister telling me “Larry that was uncalled for,” but it wasn’t, because until the last woman my father was actually legally married to had died, Bobbie Lee Baker Brown Sinclair Blackmon, my sister would never have posted a picture of my dad with Rider. Kim has always told the world that Bobbie was her mother, even went so far as to have the funeral home list her as Bobbie’s daughter in the obituary. That’s fine, that’s Kim’s choice.

When I returned to Daytona Beach from Colorado on April 30, 2014 I got in my car and drove to South Carolina to be with my Grandmother who died just two days after I got there. I remained until the funeral and because of my love and respect for my Grandmother and my father’s sister I bit my tongue when I saw Sharon Hill Rider slither across the Antioch Baptist Church cemetery with my aunt (the wife of my fathers brother) Brenda Sinclair. This is the woman who in 1998 filed a false report with the Kershaw County Sheriffs Office accusing me of killing her dog even though to this day I have never set a foot on my fathers property, and despite the fact I was already 3 states away from SC when she claimed it happened. She is still a lying, two bit tramp to this day.

While we are addressing these issues let me address another one that has bothered me and I want to call you out on it. For all of my family who claimed to love and cherish my Grandmother, why then did you not make the short drive down to Florence, SC and be with my Aunt who could have used your support at a time that she was having to prepared to lay her mother to rest? Larry & Barbara who are only related by marriage to my uncle upon hearing the news immediately drove from the central Florida panhandle to be there to give any comfort or assistance they could. Why did members of my family have the nerve to find it offensive that my aunt didn’t consult with your schedules before deciding on the day and time of the funeral? Who the hell are you to think that my aunt needed to plan the funeral of her mother according to what fit your schedule? The sheer idiocy and hypocrisy is mind blowing. Hell don’t say these things under your breath or to another family member, if you are going to say them, say them out in the open.

After I posted publicly my feelings about Sharon Hill Rider , two of her children, Troy and Phyllis Rider who are friends with my sister Kim decided to inject themselves into the matter. Troy (who despite all the beliefs of those in Camden, my father hated with a passion) and Phyllis Rider (Young) thought they were somehow going to attack me without me being able to respond because Kim had blocked me from posting on her FB wall, got a surprise when I decided to publicly post the statements and the facts about Sharon Rider. In fact Phyllis accused me of being scared to post on my sisters wall that my father was a whore, which could not be any further from the truth. But truth is something these people in Camden, SC cannot handle nor some in NC.

I posted the below on my FaceBook page and made it viewable to all the world:

Give me your thoughts on this. If someone made an out right false report accusing you of killing a dog that no one ever knew them to even have, would you just forget it as if it never happened or would you want that person to be accountable for their deliberate lie?


Then Phyllis Rider and Troy A. Rider started posting comments on my sister Kim’s FB wall but Kim had decided she was going to block me from being able to see or respond to them so I posted the following for public view on my FB


To all who know me or who are friends on FB. All of my life I have been very blunt and direct, I have always said what I feel and think and have always done so up front and to ones face. I am almost 53 years old and I am not all of a sudden going to stop being me because someone can’t handle reality or being confronted when they misrepresent themselves or facts to fit their nice little idea of family or happiness. My family (some of whom still to this day can’t handle the fact I don’t mince my words) have always known this and while some have no problem with it others would rather try to blame and smear than face reality. Tough, if you don’t like it or are offended by it you know where the unfriend and block button is. If you unfriend don’t bother resending a new friend request later, as I am not interested in playing this game with anyone. I am sick to death of family who want to be family when it serves their purpose. I have lived my life on my terms never hiding or running from anything I have done or said, and to have the children of some two bit tramp (my opinion) in Camden, South Carolina Sharon Hill Rider, have the nerve to tell me “I have never served time,” or “show me dna proof Hubert is your daddy,” just isn’t something I am going to let slide. Phyllis Rider, you said you wanted an all out war last night, well you got one. Since you think you know me, know this I will now go after your mother Sharon Hill Rider with all I got legally until she is held accountable for her false police reports. Lets let the whole world know what kind of woman she is and has been for a long, long, time. You asked me last night why I wouldn’t put on Kim Sinclair Hinson’s wall that my Dad was a whore, I would but Kim decided to play her blocking game. My Dad was always a whore when it came to fooling around with other women, from Naomi when I was a kid to a multitude of others over his lifetime ( and I have loved him through all of them) I do and always have lived in reality not fantasy as some have/do. Now can you publicly admit your mother was/is a whore as well?Now as for your little “Boom” “Boom” statements, bring it, I live for the Boom, Boom and can, have and always will back it up. All of you self righteous hypocritical wannabe one day a week Christians give all Christians a bad rap.

The above should make it clear that I have never shied away from the truth no matter who it pertains to, but to have the children of Sharon Hill Rider demand a DNA sample to prove I am my fathers child was the last straw in this never ending family saga. My sister Kim and my fathers brother Jim Sinclair are the ones who started that out right lie saying my dad said I wasn’t his and I will not sit back and allow it to go unchallenged another day. Perhaps Kim might want to agree to turn over a DNA sample and we can have both of ours run to see if we have the same father.

Tuesday after I saw Brenda had unfriended me because I dare call out her buddy Sharon Hill Rider and her children publicly I decided it was time to just put everything out there once and for all. In doing so a cousin I have seen twice in the last 45 years took to FB and in her anger and wanting to believe her father and mother could do no wrong decided to repeat her mom & dad’s description of me and confirmed what I had said all along about Jim’s plan to get his hands on all that was my grandmothers. Sadly for Jim, Brenda, Kay and anyone else who though anyone wanted anything from my grandmother they missed the chance to know and enjoy family who had absolutely no interest in anything except for Kim who not only wanted part of the property, she ended up teaming up with Jim and Brenda in an effort to get part of it but failed.

I will no longer feel the need to protect the identities of those who like to stay in their little gossip bubble trashing everyone in order for those doing the bashing can portray themselves as being something better. I will no longer hold out of pointing out family members who think its okay for them to defraud company pensions by hiding the facts they have since remarried which would put an end to the check being paid every month in spousal support through ones pension. I will no longer hold my tongue when it comes to letting the world know how my Christian sister Kim Sinclair Hinson cursed, threatened and curse more an aunt because my sister couldn’t con my Aunt into giving her a part of land belonging to by Grandmother. Or the fact that since Jim died the portion of his share of his mothers estate which had the will not been voided by the early transfer of the property, would have returned to the last remaining child, and would not have been allowed to have been transferred from Jim to Brenda upon Jim’s death. But with the will invalid from the transfer of the property prior to MaMa’s death Brenda was able to keep claim on Jim’s half of the Sinclair property after Jims death if Jim’s death was probated in Cumberland County NC.

My cousin posted the following response before unfriending me:

Kay Winters I no longer feel a need to hear, see or know about your personal views, opinions or your “family concerns”. You have no idea what you are talking about and its rather sickening how you “no longer feel the need to…” Its not your business what my mother does, nor is it your business who shes friends with. You are now and always have been a lying conniving manipulating person. I really was happy to see you and make that family bond that hadn’t been there for a very long time. I thought I would send this to you as a message but since you chose to air your opinions about my mother here… I chose to air mine here too. My mother is not getting a pension from my daddys retirement or from the state or any damn body else! Not that it your business. My Daddy told us, my mom and my sisters this is exactly what would happen should he die before Mama Sinclair. I love my Aunt Faye and I know she has a good heart and I hope she doesn’t share your opinion on things you think you are an expert at.

June 18 at 11:33am

Kay Winters I will be deleting you from my page and my life. I wish it could be different. LEAVE MY MOTHER ALONE!!!! SHES NOT YOUR BUSINESS!! God help you Larry…. cause you sure do need it.

  • June 18 at 11:34am

I posted the following response to my cousins post:

Larry Sinclair That is your choice and your right Kay. Sometimes there comes a time when people need to stop blaming everyone else for their choices and situations. I have sat back far too long and watch Kim Sinclair Hinson, Brenda Sinclair and even my dads own brother Jim spread lies and vicious statements about my mother, me, my brother and even my father. What exactly is it you are saying your daddy told you? That Kim would show her ass, curse people out when she couldn’t get what she wanted and continue to blame everyone but herself? Let me make something clear, I speak for myself and myself only. You trying to bring Faye into something that is my words shows me this family still can’t deal with reality without trying to blame someone else. My posts, my opinions, my feelings. Bottom line Kay, sooner or later people have to deal with the truth and reality. I wish you and yours a happy and joy filled life.

June 18 at 11:52am

Larry Sinclair Since it appears from my cousins comment above that as usual my comments and opinions are yet again being tied to the continued misconception that somehow I wanted something that belonged to my Grandmother so let me set the record straight once an for all. First for those who were not aware of the terms of her last will let me educate you. The original intent of my Grandmother as set forth in her Will which my Uncle knew about as did his wife, myself and a few others were upon her death, her property would go to her surviving children with $1.00 going to each grandchild. In 1998 after I appeared at my fathers probate hearing my dads brother convinced my grandmother to transfer ownership of her property to him and my Aunt insisting that if she didn’t “Larry would contest your will.” The Will made it clear that any property passed to a surviving child would not and could not be left to a child or spouse but would revert to the remaining surviving children until only one surviving child remained. I have known of the contents of that Will for many years and never had a problem with it so those of you who want to now somehow think that me addressing the issues at hand has something to do with me wanting something, I am not now nor have I ever been interested in the property. The only thing I have ever wanted from my Grandmother (and I got), was the smiles and laughter we shared over the last few years of her life a lot of which were made possible by my Aunt and Uncle. People who think they are entitled to something that belonged to someone else who worked for what they had are just dumb ass people. If I was interested in what I could have or get as some seem to suggest, I would not have ever given away hundreds of thousands of dollars to people I didn’t even know. I am very happy with what I have an I have always provided for myself. If it were up to me I would tell my Aunt and Uncle to sell it for as much money as possible and use the money to take a long over due vacation and put back the money they used from their savings and retirement to maintain it for so long and to provide for my grandmother all these years.

June 18 at 12:47pm

On June 19, 2014 I was notified by numerous FB friends that they had received Friend requests from Phyllis Rider via FB and some had even been asked to provide their phone numbers to Phyllis. Phylliss I guess just never thought that my friends would let me know about this.
To all my friends, if you get a friend request from Phyllis Rider she is trying to friend you to get to me. Do not accept the request. Thanks to those who have notified me she has sent you a friend request.
Phyllis Rider, Troy A. Rider, Amber Rider Brante, Sharon Hill Rider and anyone else who wants to inject themselves into something, or who want to stalk my FB friends sending friend requests asking for phone numbers etc. Phyllis you want to keep it fair, you got it it will be published tomorrow publicly on LSNewsGroup.com where you can post whatever you wish in response to my calling all of you out on the truth. I told you I don’t say anything I won’t back up and stand by.

It seems Phyllis Rider thought she should have direct access to my FB friends rather than post her comments on the completely publicly available post I made public so no one could say I have done anything behind their back. But hey that’s not the Camden way and it certainly has never been the Camden or Fayetteville way when it comes to my family.

With the recent passing of my grandmother so to comes the passing of the Sinclair name from its long held history and roots in South Carolina to a new location with its roots starting to grow deeper and stronger in the Colorado sun.

Sadly it is clear to me now that the sections of family that came about from the Sinclair name in Camden South Carolina will never be family to each other; they will never face themselves or their past in a mirror an own that which is theirs whether good or bad, and because they won’t the end has already come to the family that once was, and could have still been, but in reality can nor ever will be again.

So now Phyllis Rider, Kim Sinclair Ray Watts Hinson, Brenda Sinclair, Kay and anyone else who wants to make me the bad guy, is this keeping it fair enough for you? You can feel free to post any remark or comment you wish right here for all the world to see. They say sunshine is the worlds best disinfectant.

I have never lived my life wanting from someone else and may God strike me dead the minute I ever let my life become about what I can get that belongs to someone else. My sister Kim still to this day claims I didn’t know my father or grandmother etc…, but long before the day of smartphones, emails and instant messaging I communicated with my father and grandmother and grandfather by letter on a weekly basis. I received my last letter from my grandfather just one week before he died because I had mailed him his birthday card a week early.

Whether it be blessing or curse I have one of the best most detailed memories and can remember exactly how things happened, looked and took place some forty plus years ago.

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One Response to “Lets Keep this Fair” Inspired by Phyllis Rider of Camden SC

  1. Cheryl Thomson on July 4, 2014 at 9:21 AM

    Larry, I’ve been out of touch online with you for a few years now, but this is Cheryl in Canada who has followed your Obama saga since 2007, with your first video. Today I posted something on Godlike Productions which was pinned right away, and it will be up for all to see on Page 1 until noon today probably (July 4). Thread title: “DONALD YOUNG MURDERED – To Protect The Secret of Obama’s Homosexuality”. Larry, please focus if you can on Norma Jean and this conspiracy to cover up murder, going to the highest levels, as you know. America needs you today, July 4th. “Thank you for your service.” I read this morning about the Colorado nightmare. But — remember how this persecution started. Stare them down. Start talking to media about Donald Young. The time is now!

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