Illegal Immigration – The Case of the Missing Accomplice

September 5, 2013

In the current economic cycle, one of the primary sources of unearned profit for the business community is the displacement of American workers by illegal immigrant labor.  For decades, illegal immigration has been allowed to flourish as a profit center for the business community, unjustly subsidized by the public, with a wink and a nod from Congress.

The simple reason our communities are filled with millions of illegal or undocumented foreign workers is because business interests have bought off our politicians in order to exploit illegal immigration as a means of cheap labor while the public picks up the multi-trillion dollar marginal cost tab for education and healthcare associated with every immigrant family.

It was business as usual with illegal immigrant labor prospering and blanketing almost every community in America.  That was until the voting Hispanic working class community flexed its growing political clout in the 2012 Presidential election by totally rebuking the Republican Party.

This sudden eruption of political blowback, which determined the outcome of the Presidential election, demanded a response from the Republican leadership.  Thus, an urgency was born to usher in a faux immigration reform measure before the 2016 Presidential election cycle begins in earnest.  Passage would give Republican candidates a token legislative action on record to spin to the Hispanic community.

Regrettably, in reaction to the Hispanic unity displayed against the Republicans in the 2012 election, another tentacle of bigotry against another class of people was compelled to come out of the Republican closet into full view.  Republicans in particular have been brazen about their goals for immigration reform.  They have repeatedly broadcast that they want to grant only very few immigrants full citizenship because of their voting proclivity for Democrats.

Democrats playing the role of the “good cop” are simply engaging in brinkmanship in an effort to claim the higher ground in this reform measure.  Senator Schumer (D-NY) has stated that any bill containing “some path to citizenship” by the House Republicans is acceptable.  In other words, the Democrats are willing to accept any standard that can be construed to be a path citizenship from House Republicans who unashamedly use the power of government to suppress the human rights of women, minorities and gays.

On the other hand, the “bad cop” Republicans are vigorously campaigning to lower the expectations of the immigrant community by stereotyping them as a class of criminals even though they were offered and accepted jobs by unscrupulous employers.  Nothing is being said about the business community’s role as an “accomplice” and the “real enabler” of illegal immigration.

If we are going to require 11+ million undocumented immigrants to register with the government and to pay fines and back taxes to obtain legal status, should we not require each and every one of them to disclose for whom they have worked and give them work credits for the number of hours worked for each employer?  Should we not fine and collect back taxes from the accomplice employers too?

Hourly work credits should be the primary determinant for citizenship as opposed to an arbitrary political control value that is turned by the hand of bigotry seeking to exploit a class of people.  Citizenship obtained through work credits would align the pursuit of the American Dream with the American Spirit of earned opportunity based on a standardized benchmark.

In fairness to any immigrant who has found long term employment in America, the ability to pay voluntarily into Social Security and Medicare should also be granted so that these future citizens are not trapped in poverty should they eventually obtain their goal of citizenship.  Providing incentives to our immigrant community to invest in America’s supplemental retirement programs will strengthen these programs and better serve our economy than simply allowing the earnings of immigrants to be repatriated back to their home countries.

The political sleight of hand guiding the current immigration debate will more than likely spawn a new Hispanic suffrage movement as opposed to laying down meaningful immigration reform.  The obvious collusive endgame will be one that slowly trickles out citizenship opportunities for the purpose of window dressing to support hollow and deceptive election talking points from both political parties.

Once the dust settles from this dog and pony show designed for political grandstanding, our communities will still be filled with foreign workers against a backdrop of high U.S. unemployment while their former accomplices in the business community are awarded blanket amnesty.  The before and after reform difference will be simply a paper over where illegal immigrants have been awarded a permit by our legislative representatives to continue business as usual of displacing American jobs while still riding a wave of multi-trillion dollar taxpayer subsidies to create unearned profits for businesses that pay no taxes.

Read more about “Tax Equality as America’s Next Civil Rights Movement” at

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