Goodbye, America! It’s us against them

January 20, 2014

Technology has a shattering effect when it’s introduced to society by the government in the guise of protecting us from our enemies, but in reality is being used to gain control over that society. In the wake of the NSA spying scandal, among Washington’s many scandals, Americans are still divided over whether the spying is warranted in the interest of national security, or whether the government is gathering information on citizens as a form of control. Still, others are appalled at the lack of constitutionality of this measure by our own government and our own government’s lack of constitutional compliance. They see our freedoms being eroded away as we speak.

watergate8Following the Watergate Scandal in the 1970s, Richard Nixon stepped down, and progressives ushered in their programs under the guise of constitutional freedoms. The mounting apathy toward the bureaucratic culture in Washington was pretty much cemented by the end of the following decade, but average American citizens didn’t know it. They still considered the Republican establishment to be conservative and the Democratic establishment to be liberal. No one was aware that the two had melded. It became us against them.

This apathy did not confine itself to any particular placement of the political spectrum; it spread itself and permeated our entire society. As communists, socialists, and progressives gained a foothold in Washington, the Leftist movement gained momentum and its agenda was pursued aggressively. The progressives in both parties were in on it. We just didn’t know it. There were advocates for the rich and for the poor; but no one was looking out for the middle class.

What has complicated the problem even more in today’s government is Americans’ failure to differentiate between political and administrative powers. Our three branches of government was pared back to two without the public’s knowledge or approval, and now we have a rogue administration trying to combine those into one with only the presidential power to pass any measures or legislation with the stroke of a pen in the form of executive orders. And, still, there are Americans who really don’t care.

The bad thing is that these same Americans vote, and they usually vote for the party who provides the freebies. These politicians that are being elected are looking at Washington as a way to feather their own nests. They think their only jobs are to pass rules and regulations to impose on an ever-burgeoning public. Many Americans are against this because the rules and regulations being passed are far from constitutional. But these Americans’ numbers are small and they have no recourse with the government. Congress turns a deaf ear; the White House sits waiting to take more and more of hard-earned taxpayer monies; and the Supreme Court has abandoned the working man in response to political pressures and rewards.

The renewed idea of real freedom has struck a responsive chord among Americans of both parties who do not like to see their lives used up to feed the voracious appetite of a government run amok. Changes are coming, and not the changes that Washington politicians want to see. And in the midst of these changes, blood and tears will be shed, and precious lives lost. Then we’ll see who America values most: its politicians or its citizens. Don’t look to the media for help. They’re already bought and paid for. It’s in God’s hands and America’s heart.

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