Mitt Romney

Romney and GOP Steamrolled by Big Labor Corporate Campaign

December 18, 2012
I'M Shocked

It has been five weeks since President Obama was re-elected. During this time period many theories have been espoused and articles written as to why Romney lost, despite the fact he was arguably the more qualified candidate. Many believe that the The Real Reason We Lost was because Whites Stayed Home And Re-Elected Obama...
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The Republican Facade Is Melting Away

November 15, 2012

An unlikely alignment of working class voters determined the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election.  An aspiring ethnic working class network sought relief and change from politically sponsored economic regression and discrimination impacting their standard of living and future. When pulling the voting lever, tens of millions of citizens understood that they were voting...
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With Gratitude (Reprinted With Permission)

November 8, 2012
Palladian View

Dear Friend, “Paul and I have left everything on the field. We have given our all to this campaign.” Governor Mitt Romney said Tuesday night as he conceded. Palladian View, likewise, “left everything on the field”, as we mobilized in battleground states and worked the grassroots in North Carolina, Florida, Virginia  and Ohio. I...
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CT GOP US Senate Candidate Linda McMahon Campaigns For Barack Obama

November 5, 2012

Updated @4:59PM ET Sinclair News just got off the phone with Linda McMahon for Senate 2012 Campaign to ask if the below material was in fact distributed by them. “Yes, we did distribute the material telling CT voters to vote for Barack Obama for President and Linda for US Senate, however we only distributed...
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Foster On Why Romney Will Win Big Next Tuesday…

November 3, 2012

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Mitt Romney will win by a larger margin than polls predict. Here’s why: 1. Young voters, who were a huge factor in 2008, are disappointed, disillusioned and aware of how they were conned. A. Transparency was promised. “Bills will be posted 72 hours before a vote for public comment.” Reality? A 300- page...
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Michelle Obama Brings Sharp Opinions From Obama Supporters In Daytona Beach

November 1, 2012
IMG_0051 (2)

My first video interview was with a group of women who were determined that Barack Obama would get "Four More Years." What was shocking in this first interview was when the first young lady told me "Romney needs to give all that money he's got to us," and then said "if they don't cheat."...
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Ladies From Palladian View Compared To Florida Women Worshiping Obama

October 30, 2012

On Thursday October 25, 2012 in a quick trip to CVS Pharmacy for something to combat a severe numbing head ache that I simply have not been able to shake since early in the morning, I came across a group from Palladian View the digital Magazine for Conservative Women founded by former South Carolina...
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Former Romney Skeptic Gives a Provocative Case for Five Reasons to Replace Barack Obama…….

October 26, 2012

In 2008, an estimated 17 million Evangelicals chose not to vote in the presidential election, including about 300,000 in the key swing state of Ohio, which Barack Obama won by only 262,224 votes.

In this provocative seven minute video, a woman who used to be unsure of Mitt Romney lists five reasons why Evangelicals in particular and all Americans in general should make sure they vote for Romney-Ryan.

Some of the issues she raises have not been widely mentioned, and I welcome your views regarding the video’s relevance, in light of the campaign’s official emphasis on jobs.

Watch seven minute video here.

Trump Talks Bombshell- “Where’s The Birth Certificate” Author Jerome Corsi On Romney Plane- Gloria Allred Heading to Boston Court?

October 23, 2012
Trump allred

Donald Trump, the self promoting star of NBC TVs The Apprentice and Monday morning contributor on FOX News Fox & Friends morning show is at it again and boasting that some time on Wednesday October 24, 2012 he will make a “Gigantic” announcement concerning Barack Obama that Trump says could affect the November 6,...
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A Candid Conversation With ACU Executive Director Gregg Keller

October 18, 2012

After coming off of American Conservative Union’s third Regional CPAC conference October 4, 2012 in Denver, Sinclair News has a candid conversation with the Executive Director of the American Conservative Union at their headquarters in Washington, DC on Wednesday. Before being hired as Executive Director of the ACU by Chairman Al Cardenas, Keller held the same position at the Faith and Freedom Coalition, the up-and-coming conservative group founded by Ralph Reed.

Keller came on board with the American Conservative Union after some religious groups boycotted CPAC over the inclusion of the gay conservative group GOProud. New Hire Suggests GOProud’s Days a CPAC Are Numbered The liberal left wasted no time in its efforts to try and paint CPAC, the ACU and its leadership as intolerant. Sinclair News has had the privilege of covering CPAC 2012; CPAC Chicago and interviewing members of the ACU leadership including Mr. Keller over the past 9 months which made us want to ask Keller how ACU intends to bring conservatives from all walks of life under the ACU-CPAC tent. It should be noted for the record that Sinclair News has made several offers to the GOProud organization for interviews which the leadership has chosen to ignore. Mr. Keller answered questions for Sinclair News on the vision of CPAC 2013; the Presidential Debates; the presidential election; Liberty minded voters; Benghazi; Romney-Ryan; the Clintons and more. Conservatives just like Liberals are not all going to always agree 100% with each other nor should they, Mr. Keller has taken some heat from the left and Sinclair News thought it was important to allow our readers to see Mr. Keller in his own words rather than in the words of those who would try to paint him in a completely false light. Gregg Keller and the American Conservative Union are entitled to have their own beliefs and to hold their own positions without being attacked and misrepresented. Sinclair News has never been treated with anything other than the utmost respect and courtesy in all our interactions with Mr. Keller, the American Conservative Union and CPAC.

We would like to Thank Mr. Keller and the American Conservative Union for agreeing to this interview. In addition please find that Registration is open for CPAC 2013 and those planning to or wanting to register may do so now at the Early Bird 2 Discounted rate which is available through January 1, 2013. As we made clear on June 8, 2012 at CPAC Chicago to protesters, CPAC is open to anyone who is interested in attending and we encourage everyone to attend yourself before you decide to attack or label those who do. Click on the CPAC 2013 banner below to take advantage of discounted registration pricing.


Sinclair Interviews NY’s New 6th US Congressional District Candidate Dan Halloran

October 16, 2012

Sinclair News had the opportunity to speak with NY City Councilman and GOP Candidate for the US House of Representatives in New York’s new 6th Congressional District Dan Halloran Saturday in Manhattan at Liberty Fest III. Halloran says he is running on the Republican, Conservative, Libertarian ticket/Line to become New York’s new 6th Congressional Districts US Congressman. It is important for Sinclair News to point out that Halloran has in the past been very proud of the fact that he had the support of Liberty minded voters and some of those Liberty voters have taken issue with Halloran’s recent Congressional Campaign web site change which has chosen not to display the Councilman’s past activities, appearances and support with/by TX Congressman Ron Paul. As you will see and hear in the below video interview, Mr. Halloran says Liberty voters have to accept candidates who are “electable.”

Dan Halloran, a lifelong resident of Queens, is running for Congress to fight for our families in Washington, just as he’s done in City Hall.

Dan was elected to the City Council in 2009 on the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Libertarian lines to represent the Queens neighborhoods of College Point, Auburndale-Flushing, Bayside, Whitestone, Bay Terrace, Douglaston, and Little Neck.

Queens is the only home Dan has ever known.  Dan attended local public and private schools and received an ROTC Scholarship to college. Dan’s family has served New York City for five generations. His great-grandfather was an NYPD police chief, his grandfather was an NYPD detective, and his two brothers are an FDNY firefighter and officer. His father served as a Deputy Director in the NYC Office of Management and Budget during the Koch Administration.

Dan served in the NYPD and in three District Attorney offices, helping keep our communities safe. Prior to his election, Dan worked in private practice as an attorney with the law firm Palmieri & Castiglione, LLP where he was a litigator, fighting for patients’ rights and representing New York City police officers as an of counsel attorney for the PBA.


For more information on Halloran visit his web site at Dan Halloran for Congress

We Are Change.Org Luke Rudkowski @ Liberty Fest III NYC

October 15, 2012

While attending/covering Liberty Fest III NYC on Saturday we had the opportunity to sit down and speak with a young man we admire and respect. Luke Rudkowski, 26 is a hard hitting seeker of the truth, no matter what the truth may be. What motivates him, what inspires him, what makes Luke want to ask question that for too many people refused to ask?

In this brief conversation before the battery in the camera literally died ending the interview we asked Luke these questions. Luke Rudkowski is indeed a rare individual in that he puts himself in the position of being attacked, labeled, harassed and even targeted not because he seeks fame and fortune, but because he desperately wants to know and find the truth to so many things that we has a society have ignored for far too long.

You can see Luke’s work at the below links as well as find him on UStream. Luke Rudkowski is a young man that we believe all of us should watch and listen to, in a day where the media is spun so far right or left its refreshing to see an individual who goes after the answers without the spin.


Brooklyn NY ·


Romney Will Do Better If Bias In Media Is Left To The Left

October 6, 2012

Look, you would have to be living inside a cave for the past four plus years if you think that the media has been open and objective in their reporting especially where it relates to Barack Obama. You would have to be blind and deaf if you can’t see and hear the media bias that...
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Breitbart.Com Joins Michelle Malkin As Surrogate For Romney Campaign

October 5, 2012
Breitbart Romney email

Updated October 6, 2012 @ 3:17PM ET Since the publishing of this article we have discovered that the email sent out by Breitbart News was also distributed by However, NewsMax clearly noted to its targeted recipients that the content of the email was Dear Newsmax Reader: Please find below a special message from...
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Romney Wows Debate & CPAC Colorado Crowd, But Is It Enough?

October 4, 2012
Denver debate

Last night many sat in front of their televisions watching and hoping (depending on who you were supporting) to see Mitt Romney either score a ‘knock-out’ punch on Barack Obama or fall flat on his face. The pundits are all out and yes even some democrats are even saying that Romney won the first...
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Denver Presidential Debate & CPAC Puts Spotlight On Colorado

October 1, 2012

The political spotlight is on Denver, Colorado this week.  In just 2 days from now the first (and what could be deemed the last) Presidential debate will take place in Denver, Colorado between Barack Obama & Mitt Romney. Wednesday October 3, 2012 is seen by many to be the day when Americans will learn whether...
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With 42 Days To Go, Campaigns Become Publishers Clearing House

September 25, 2012
Dinner with Obama

With just 41 days to go before Americans go to the voting booth to elect a President for the next four years both campaigns seem to be stuck in “Have Dinner with Me” fundraising raffles. With the current White House taking the extraordinary step of attempting to stifle a citizens free speech by asking...
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When A “Neutral Journalist” Stops Being A Journalist

September 13, 2012

Having been a fan and what we would like to think was friends with Andrew Breitbart we have stepped back and asked ourselves, "What would Andrew do?" We were asking the question as to what would Andrew do if he had reason to believe that people who claimed to be victims were in reality...
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? For Obama & Romney: If Elected Will You Authorize The Murder Of American Citizens?

September 11, 2012
Kill list

As we remember the horrific attacks suffered on this date eleven years ago, we must remember that politicians have used these horrific attacks to justify the denial of basic liberties and rights which ALL American citizens are guaranteed by the United States Constitution. While we understand that immediately after the attacks which took place...
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At Our Request Toots Sweet Wrote & Performs R&R Romney-Ryan

September 8, 2012

Updated September 10, 2012 @ 10:31 PM ET

The Official Music Video for Romney Campaign Song by Toots Sweet is out:


When we were notified that GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney had selected Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his Vice Presidential running mate we sent a text message to Romney campaign Social Media Director Bill Murphy suggesting the campaign get some signs reading “Are you ready for some R&R?” printed up and distributed as quickly as possible. In addition we had contacted our friend and talented musician Toots Sweet to ask if he would compose and perform an original song for us using the R&R phrase, which he agreed to do without the slightest hessitation.

Today we have the audio from R&R-Romney-Ryan which we wanted to debut at Sinclair News. The music video of the song is being recorded tomorrow and we will publish the official video once it has been completed. Until then we have put the song in a photo slideslow type arrangement to get it up for you to hear.

Akbar Responds After Criminal Complaint Was Filed

September 7, 2012
Ali Akbars newly updated Twitter image

Updated September 8, 2012 @2:26 PM ET The below refund notice was received in our email inbox at 4:19am this date: Updated September 8, 2012 @2:17AM ET We discovered that in or original complaint filed with the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit we incorrectly listed the address for Ali Akbar & the National Bloggers Club...
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